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Our Ministries

As our congregation continues to get established and grow, so do our ministry offerings. Take a look below to see some of our growing ministry offereings and see how you can get involved. 


Children's Ministry

We offer Children's Sunday School during our Sunday Church Gatherings following our time of sung worship and praise together. Children from Pre-School through Primary School ages will enjoy age appropriate, hands on, Biblical lessons that they can discuss with their families during the week which relate to what the adults hear in the main gathering, with discussion points parents can use to help teach their children in the Christian faith. To learn more, take a look at our Children's Ministry page.

Marriage Preparation

Ministers Todd & Ruth Cataldo are happy to help couples looking to get married prepare for a Godly, loving marriage. We have some great resources to help couples prepare for this life changing step in their relationship. 

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Men's Ministry

The men of the church get together for a Men's breakfast on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 9AM at Monty's (Montgomery Tower) in Shrewsbury town centre. Along with breakfast, we have a short devotional, discussion, prayer, and time to get to know eachother better. Be sure to register for the event on the main page so that we get the right table size.

Women's Ministry

The women of the church have had a few get togethers already and look forward to more to come. Things to look forward to are The Orchard Women's Conference, and an evening at Spat-n-Splodge followed by a curry. 

retirement ministry.jpeg

Retirement Home Ministry

On the last Tuesdays monthly we hold a Communion Service for resident of Hazeldine Court Retirement Community. In addition to sharing Communion together, this is an opportunity for residents there to pary together and afterwards enjoy a tea or coffee and biscuits, and have time to chat with eachother and volunteers from the church. 

Our ministers can also arrange for Communion at home for those who are house bound.

Small Groups

We have several small groups going and possibly more to come in the future as the congregation grows. Check the events on our front page to see what is coming up, from Monday Mums & Little Ones (during term time), Tuesday Evening House Group, Wednesday Evening Alpha, Thurday Evening Seed Study (a Bible study - currently in the Letter to the Hebrews), and previously Freedom in Christ, Youth Alpha, and looking ahead: The Money Course, new Freedom in Christ groups, future Alpha Courses, and more.

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