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Todd Cataldo

Todd is a native of Clayton, California, located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area of California. His family heritage included a Catholic upbringing, however his parents were not church-goers and Todd himself become a staunch atheist until he had an undeniable encounter with God at the age of 17. From then, Todd became a believer in Christ, but had a rough road ahead to learn what it meant to truly be Christian.


Todd completed his Bachelor of Arts in Italian and History at U.C.L.A. and completed a Master’s Certificate in Managed Health Care Administration at the University of San Francisco. Todd worked in the Insurance and Managed Healthcare industry for over 20 years. During that time he learned what it meant to be a follower of Christ and how that is quite different that being just a believer.


As Todd learned to live according to the Bible and be led by the Holy Spirit, he experienced a significant change in his life and priorities and his passion to share his faith with others grew. He studied at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary while leading an inter-church young adults ministry that saw many young people come to faith, grow deeper in their faith, and go on to become leaders in their churches.   

As the Visionary and Founding Apostle of New Nation Church International, he led the church in establishing congregations in the USA, Uganda, South Sudan, India, D.R. Congo, and presently in the United Kingdom, as well as having ministered in over sixty nations. He has been an instructor for the College for Global Deployment, an international Bible college, and a trustee of a charity that fights against human trafficking. 

Todd married his lovely wife Ruth in 2012.  He left the managed care industry in 2013 to enter fulltime ministry with New Nation Church International, and as Lead Minister of New Nation Church, Concord, California.

In June 2017, Todd and Ruth made an international move to Shrewsbury in England where Todd took on the role of Lay Minister at Holy Trinity with St. Julian, Belle Vue. Near the end of that three year contract, Todd knew that it was time to begin planting New Nation Church, Shrewsbury which held its first service during the COVID19 pandemic, on November 1, 2020 on Zoom as meeting in person was not an option. In person services began in June of 2021 in Todd & Ruth's back garden and indoor/in person services began that August in the Shrewsbury Library on Castle Street. The new church soon outgrew the space in the library and for Christmas 2021 moved to the current location at the Cut Conference Centre of Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

Ruth Cataldo

Ruth moved to Shrewsbury with her parents in 1987 and grew up in the town. After finishing college, she moved to Leicester to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Youth & Community Development at DeMontfort University. After graduation, she worked as a Youth Leader for a church in Birmingham for three years and then moved to 'The Big Smoke' (London!) for a new Youth Leader role in a church there.


In 2007, God called Ruth to relocate to Northern California to take part in a two-year discipleship programme. This was a life-changing move for Ruth for many reasons, not only because she went on to meet Todd, but it challenged, extended and deepened her faith in God! While in California, Ruth volunteered at her church and with a partner ministry, Exousia Ministries International, and was introduced to Todd via a mutual friend.


No-one was more surprised than Ruth when God clearly spoke about relocating back to Shrewsbury, but she is delighted to be back and is excited for all that God has for the people of Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas. Todd and Ruth are working together to plant New Nation Church, Shrewsbury – England in their home town and look forward to what God has for them and everyone who will be part of this new church plant.


When they are not working they can be found walking their Golden Retriever, Huxley, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, eating out at their favourite restaurants or travelling to explore new places both at home and abroad.

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