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History of
New Nation ChurCh

In December 2013/January 2014, three team members of New Nation Church International, from the Concord, California congregation had planned a ministry trip to South Sudan via England. The early planning and fundraising for this ministry trip was quite straightforward. Fundraising efforts were initially very fruitful but came to a sudden halt as the deadline to purchase flights approached.

The team made a unanimous decision to purchase the flights to England and focus on ministry in Shrewsbury where we had offers for hosts to house and feed us as well as to minister at Holy Trinity Belle Vue. The team hoped to complete fundraising goals to continue on to South Sudan and minister in the New Nation Church International congregations in that nation.

While in England, the team learned that civil war had broken out in South Sudan on the day that we had intended to arrive there. It became clear that God had protected the team by stopping progress with fundraising. God had a different plan for the team as they continued ministry in Shrewsbury.


On New Years Day 2014, team members Todd and Ruth Cataldo organised and led a prayer walk with members of Holy Trinity Belle Vue throughout the town centre of Shrewsbury. During the prayer walk, the Holy Spirit spoke to both Todd and Ruth independently about there being a New Nation Church in Shrewsbury. This came as quite a surprise to both of them, however, they knew God would be faithful to develop His plan in His timing. Todd, Ruth, and Julie were all based in the USA, so the practical challenges of planting a congregation in the UK, where there were no ordained ministers of New Nation Church International, made it clear that this word from God was for the future, and exactly when was not clear.

In 2016, God did an unexpected thing and opened a door for Todd to accept a position as Lay Minister of Holy Trinity Belle Vue in Shrewsbury under a three-year contract.

In September of 2019, God again spoke to Todd saying; “The time is pregnant for the planting of New Nation Church, Shrewsbury.” Todd and Ruth have been praying and seeking God's perfect timing and next steps regarding launching New Nation Church Shrewsbury, and that time had come. Of course, God knew that this timing would mean launching a new church during a global pandemic, but we had no idea that nine months following what the Lord had spoken, the world would be like it was during the COVID-19 lockdowns. 


In May 2020 we began to hold our first 'Seed Study' with a word by word look of the Book of Genesis in a weekly Zoom Bible Study. In November 2020 we held our first church service on Zoom. In June and July of 2021, we began to hold our first in-person services in Todd & Ruth's back garden, which we called ‘The Garden Gatherings'. From August into early December of 2021 we were able to hire the Darwin Room at the Shrewsbury Town Centre Library. We met there until we outgrew the room.


On the 19th of December 2021 we held an early Christmas Celebration Service as a preview of our new, and current meeting location for our Sunday Gatherings, which is The Cut Conference Centre of Shropshire Wildlife Trust. This location is such a blessing and will allow us to continue to grow with multiple meeting rooms available as we develop not only our main worship service, but also children and youth ministries with space for gatherings tailored to several age groups, as well as enclosed outdoor areas and free parking at the Abbey Foregate carpark immediately adjacent to the Cut Conference Centre.


We held our first baptisms on the 20th of March of 2022, and we welcomed our first ‘official’ new congregation members at our Easter Sunday Celebration Service on April 17, 2023.


We are amazed and blessed to see what God has ahead for us as we continue to grow and develop this new congregational plant of New Nation Church International in the wonderful town of Shrewsbury!  

History of
New Nation Church


New Nation Church International began in July 2006, when three missionaries from the United States of America, sent by Seven Pillars Ministries, a Christian young adult ministry, travelled to Uganda to minister the love of Jesus to the people of Uganda.  During the course of the ministry of these missionaries in Uganda, connections were made that lead to the formation of a new ministry in Uganda called Awaken Muslim Ministries, a Christian evangelical and discipleship ministry with an emphasis on, but not exclusive to, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Muslim population of Uganda. 


Both Seven Pillars Ministries and Awaken Muslim Ministries shared the purpose of building and serving local Christian churches in their respective communities as cooperative, interdenominational Christian ministries.  In the course of continued ministry in their respective local communities, these ministries have been stirred up by the Holy Spirit to launch a new movement of local churches that is global in scope, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual in composition and includes educational and social ministries to bless the nations with the love of God the Father in the Name of Jesus Christ, by the leading of the Holy Spirit.


New Nation Church International, Central Contra Costa County (California, USA) began holding organizational meetings in October of 2006 and held it’s first regular worship service on Sunday, February 3, 2008.  New Nation Church International, Kampala (Uganda) convened regular worship services in March of 2007.  


During 2008, we saw the launching of New Nation Church International in Wudu, Sudan.


In April 2014, we welcomed a variety of congregations from the Telangana and Andra Pradesh region of India to our church family.


In April 2018, we relaunched New Nation Church, Mutongo in Kampala, Uganda, which had started as a small home church and grown into a thriving congregation.

In November 2020, New Nation Church, Shrewsbury - England began to hold online services during the COVID 19 pandemic.

In August 2022, we welcomed a group of new congregations that had been planted using the New Nation Church International model in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Our goal is to see affiliated local congregations, educational institutions and social ministries in every nation and amongst every people group and to actively pursue cross-cultural exchanges by the people who make up the global family that is New Nation Church International.

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